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Netanya AACI
Shows & Concerts



Our box office is open Sunday to Thursday 9.00am - 12.30pm

Pop into our offices, telephone or send an e-mail to make your reservations.

Abba Live  8.30pm Saturday 2 December
Netanya Cultural Center
Hebrew production of Abba Live, which was founded in 2013 by Aodi Krni. This professional automotive band performs their favorite hits.
Members NIS 140 (regular price NIS 179)  Non-members NIS 150

David Kravitz  
David will be presenting two more musical evenings in 2018.

Dancing   7.30pm Tuesday 23 January
As in previous years, this selection contains clips with more dancing than in other programs. This year almost all the clips are new to the selection with ten musicals never included before. Three musicals are even from 2017. Where there was a choice of film over live show, live show is shown to demonstrate the higher quality choreography in the live show. With over a hundred additions to, now, over 800 films, and around 10,000 clips to choose from, it has taken much effort to produce what should be a enjoyable evening. Featured choreographers include Susan Stroman, Rob Marshall and Bob Fosse. Using new software, both sound quality and picture quality have been enhanced. Watch out for a red-headed singer/dancer called Fergie at the coffee break and a Charleston from Show Boat, no less!

A Few Of My Favorite Things 7.30pm Tuesday 13 February
David is often asked what are his favourites, so here goes in this selection. No raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but great show stoppers and some sentimentality. Some clips you have seen before but the absence of some shows and a few performers might really surprise you. No place for the top three musicals of all time. In this selection, It’s a musical (evening) so anything goes for you guys and dolls and when I grow too old to dream there will be Trouble with a capital T but only after the children are asleep.

Each session: - Members pre-paid NIS 25  Members at Door NIS 35  Non-Members NIS 45

Drama Group Performance
8.00pm Tuesday 16 January 2018
The Netanya AACI Drama Group is happy to announce that they are working on a new program due to be presented at the beginning of 2018.
This will be a full evening event of comedy, laughter and food for thought.
A chance encounter which unfolds its threads after decades have passed; an insight to petty crime on a humorous note; A Charity Shop which is here to help the developing world or is it just a sop to the conscience of the Middle Class? Love which is given and then taken and in the end all is well, or is it? Retired artistes sharing memories of their bygone days.
It should be a very enjoyable and heart-warming evening.