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War Mother  A one-man show with “puppets” 
Presented by Author Adolphe Nysenholc.
8.00pm Sunday 7 October

Two dead mothers fight over their son: The young mother who perished in the Holocaust and the old foster mother who saved the child during the war. Which one should the child go with when his time comes?
This play examines the inner torment of that hidden child, seventy years later.
As a modern presentation of a Solomon Judgement it is based on the author’s own life as an orphan of the Holocaust whose parents were deported to Auschwitz in September 1942 and did not return. Three weeks before this they placed their three-year old child, Adolphe, with a Flemish family who raised him.
Nysenholc currently holds the position of Professor Emeritus of the Free University of Brussels and is an award-winning playwright. His saviors are honored in the Garden of the Righteous in Yad Vashem. War Mother, which has been shown in 7 countries, is a personal homage to them.
“A powerful, touching and insightful play. The way the author has interwoven love, sacrifice, loss, fear, horror, jealousy, guilt, gratitude, responsibility, respect and devotion with so many other feelings and emotions in his telling of this most personal story is exceptionally moving. “
(Prof. Frank Milo Scheide, University of Arkansas).
Members pre-paid NIS 30
Members at Door NIS 40
Non-members NIS 50

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