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Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132 

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Working Things Out by Talking Things Through:
Insights and Experiences Working with Indian Tribes to Resolve Conflicts with the U.S. Federal Government.    10.30am Sunday 4 March
Steven Haberfeld Ph.D. is a professional Mediator/Negotiator with over 40 years of experience assisting Indian Tribes throughout the United States resolve their conflicts with a wide range of federal and state governments agencies. He is the founder and served for 30 years as the Executive Director and Senior Mediator of Indian Dispute Resolution Services, a national Indian-governed organization with headquarters in Sacramento, California. Steven also has a private practice which has included serving on a small team that trained members of the Cuban Civil Service in negotiation skills some ten years ago when Cuban/U.S. relations began to thaw. He also worked with several colleagues to design and deliver negotiation skills training to rebel leaders, and members of the Nicaragua government and military as they prepared for national reconciliation talks that ended their 35 year long civil war.
Steven has lived in Nahariya for the past three years and specializes in mediating family, community, work-place and government conflicts. He also is still engaged in working in Indian Country.
Into Africa and Assorted War Zones   10.30am Sunday 11 March
Paulette Woolf was an auditor and internal management consultant for the UN for almost two decades. She will provide a dramatic account of her adventures throughout Africa travelling on behalf of the UN, navigating among rebels, landmines and terrorists, while still managing to maintain her religious observance and raise a family.
Paulette holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. In 2015 she was requested by the Israeli government to present on the United Nations to students at Tel Aviv University, IDC and Bar Ilan University. Paulette and her husband David made Aliyah in September 2016
Sarah’s Story: A Tale of Love and Destiny   10.30am Sunday 18 March
Netanya AACI is hosting the book launch of Sarah’s Story: A Tale of Love and Destiny, a new novel by Barry Shaw. He will talk about the life and times of Sarah Aaronsohn. This dramatic saga is based on the life of a Jewish heroine. Sarah Aaronsohn comes alive in the most exciting book ever written about this remarkable young woman.
She witnessed the genocide of the Armenian Christians and vowed to dedicate herself to prevent the same fate against her own people in Palestine a century ago. She was the only woman ever to lead a major espionage network in enemy territory in wartime to liberate her country.
Barry’s books will be available at a special AACI discounted price.
The Hollowing Out of Economies by the IT Revolution   10:30am Sunday 8 April
Dr. Robert Goldschmidt will be talking about the long-term effects of Information Technology on the world’s advanced economies. He has written and spoken in the U.S. about the rapid spread of computerization and automation in all aspects of economic activity, from manufacturing to information and communications. He will focus on its effect on employment: permanent elimination of some jobs, loss of jobs generally and economic dislocation, as well as the resultant societal stresses and the connected increased concentration of wealth.
Bob has a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering with a major in Computer Science from MIT. He was a member of the team that designed the supercomputer used by NASA to calculate the trajectories for the Lunar Mission. For 25 years he headed engineering for a high-tech firm that produces pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment used globally to FDA-validate sterilization of drugs
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