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BREXIT - a Toxic Impact on British Politics  10.30am Sunday 3 September
No less than four Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom - Margaret Thatcher, John Major, David Cameron and now Theresa May, have fallen victim to the xenophobic elements of the Conservative Party, for whom membership of the European Union (EU) and especially free movement of people, are an affront to British sovereignty.
Raymond Cannon (a popular AACI speaker) will explain the electoral and parliamentary system that enables these upheavals, the makeup of the UK’s component nations and their political parties. He will discuss the meaning of BREXIT, the catalyst for the current political turmoil and explore the considerable influence of the partisan press. He will also outline the structure of the EU, presently comprising - with the UK - 28 Member States. As a retired UK lawyer specializing in international business law, Raymond has wide experience of dealing with the EU and its institutions located in Brussels. He is author of Business Law of the European Union.

Another Unknown Hero of the Shoah: Josiah Dubois 10.30am Sunday 10 September
First we heard about Oskar Schindler, then Raoul Wallenberg. They were followed by Chiune Sugihara, of whom some have heard, and then Feng-Shan Ho, who is even less well-known. This lecture is about a man whose actions behind the scenes led to the saving of more Jewish lives than all of those put together. His remarkable story was virtually untold until 2009, and has never been properly celebrated. Come and hear Leslie Portnoy tell us about Joshua Dubois.
Women and Jihad  10.30am Sunday 17 September
Rachel Avraham is a senior media research analyst at the Center for Near East Policy Research and a correspondent for the Israel Resource News Agency.  Her new book explores the ways in which Palestinian female terrorists have injected their narrative into the Arab, American and Israeli media. She examines media coverage of Palestinian terror attacks in Israel and the extent to which the terrorists’ agendas have infiltrated the media. Her book is the only one of its kind that focuses on the Arab, Israeli and American media coverage of the Palestinian female suicide bombings during the Second intifada period and connects it to the present situation in Israel.
Buyer Beware – Protecting Yourself When It Comes To Your Investments
10.30am Sunday 1 October
Rabbi Saul Djanogly, is an unusual Jewish educator in that he earns his living as the owner of a successful wealth management business. His great passion and hobby is adult Jewish education in which he has been actively involved for nearly 30 years. He has become very interested in the Kabbalah of Money and is much in demand as a speaker on this subject both in his hometown of London and on the West Coast. He is perhaps unique in that he combines a deep academic knowledge of this fascinating topic together with nearly 30 years’ practical experience in the cut and thrust of the financial markets.
Rabbi Djanogly was educated at Gateshead Yeshivah in the north of England and has a degree in Jewish Studies from London University. He and his wife Anne live in London and have six children.
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