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Netanya AACI


Celebrate the Glorious 4th
12.00 noon Wednesday 4 July 
Jerusalem of Gold   Illustrated Lecture with Sharona Liman
8.00pm Monday 30 July
Razzle Dazzle with David Kravitz
7.30pm Monday 6 August
Gil Hoffman  Peace, Politics and Plutonium
8.00pm Sunday 12 August
Sperm Bank Liability, The Right to One’s Genetic Identity and How Israel Stacks Up Against the World
Lecturer: Barbara Pfeffer Billauer
8.00pm Tuesday 28 August
Rosh Hashana L’Chaim & Volunteer Award
4.00pm Sunday 2 September
Internal Palestinians Politics and Conflicts
Guest lecturer: Bassem Eid
8.00pm Wednesday 5 September
Israel Has a Wonderful Story to Tell
Lecturer: Dr. Norman Bailey
8.00pm Thursday 13 September  
Please note our programs and activities are cheaper if you book and pay for them in advance. This also helps us to know how many people to arrange refreshments for and how to set up hall.