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What Happens When You Can’t Take Care of Yourself A Review of New Laws and Regulations
10.30am Monday 29 May
What do we do when we can no longer make decisions? We know today how we want to live the rest of our lives. How can we express our wishes today so that they will have legal validity in the future when we may not be able to express our wishes?
The Knesset and the Ministry of Justice have recently adopted a new legal instrument called an enduring power of attorney.
A regular power of attorney is valid only if one has the mental capability to make decisions. In the past, if one lost his/her mental capacity, the power of attorney became invalid.
The solution was for a guardian to be appointed by the court. This situation has changed and an endurable power of attorney will continue to be valid even if one lost his/her mental capacity.
Aharon Korzen a veteran lawyer has recently completed an intensive course on the enduring power of attorney. He is authorized by the Ministry of Justice to certify an enduring power of attorney. The enduring power of attorney is valid only if it has been certified by an authorized lawyer who has taken a special course.
Advocate Aharon Korzen will speak about the enduring power of attorney and other issues which affect elderly people and of course will be available to answer questions.
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Israel's Battle Against BDS and Political Warfare  Guest Lecturer: Dan Diker 8.00pm Wednesday 7 June
(Rescheduled from March)
Dan Diker was born in New York City and graduated from Harvard University in 1984. He subsequently attended Harvard Graduate School of Business. He earned a Master's degree in Government and Counterterrorism at the lnter-Disciplinary Center in Herzlia, lsrael.
He and his family made Aliyah in 1990 and they currently reside near Jerusalem. Mr. Diker is a Foreign Policy Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and an Adjunct Fellow of the Hudson lnstitute in Washington D.C. He writes a regular column on Foreign Affairs for the Jerusalem Post.
From 2002 to 2010, Mr. Diker served as senior Foreign Policy Analyst and then Director of the lnstitute for Contemporary Affairs in the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs where he edited several policy books on the Iranian regime and lsrael's national security doctrine.
From 2011 to 2013, Dan Diker served as Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress, a global diplomatic organization representing the official Jewish communities in 100 countries.
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