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Jerusalem of Gold  Illustrated Lecture with Sharona Liman   8.00pm Monday 30 July
Sharona Liman is a talented, bilingual and experienced Israeli tour guide who will give us an illustrated lecture on Jerusalem the Gold, in which she will outline her three special areas of interest:
 Original sources for the term City of Gold.
The fascinating archeological history of the golden artefacts that have been uncovered from Jerusalem throughout the ages.
The inspiring story of Naomi Shemer’s popular and much-loved song, Yerushalayim Shel Zahav from the Six Day War.
Sharona was born in Kfar Saba to a family who spoke both Ivrit and English at home. After her service in the IDF she attended Beit Berl College, graduating with both a Teaching and a Tour guide certificate, specialising in the history of Jerusalem. She has worked with Zionist groups in Mexico and the USA as well as in here in Israel and regularly guides to all areas of the country.
Members pre-paid NIS 30   Members at Door NIS 40   Non-members NIS 50

Razzle Dazzle with David Kravitz   7.30pm Monday 6 August
We are delighted to welcome back David Kravitz who will be presenting a selection of clips
David was born in Colwyn Bay, Wales but lived much of his life in Manchester and Bournemouth, England before making aliya in 2004. His musical tastes range from rock and roll to opera, musicals to classics. He is also the author of a dictionary on Greek and Roman mythology. Before retiring, he worked in computing, latterly as a university lecturer.
David's collection of musical film DVDs has grown to almost 1,100 which actually makes selection of items more difficult.
As the title of this presentation implies, many here are showstoppers but sprinkled with some sentimentality. Almost all the clips in Razzle Dazzle have not been shown by David before.
Members pre-paid NIS 25   Members at Door NIS 35 Non-Members NIS 45

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