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David Kravitz’s Musical Clips   7.30pm Monday 17 December
We are delighted to welcome back David Kravitz for a new series when he will be presenting a selection of clips. David was born in Wales, but lived much of his life in Manchester and Bournemouth, England before making Aliyah in 2004. His musical tastes range from rock and roll to opera, musicals and classics. Before retiring he worked in computing, latterly as a university lecturer. David's collection of musical film DVDs has grown to almost 1,100 which makes selection of items quite challenging.
The Ones That Got Away In order to produce one evening of 24 clips, David reviews a great many films and cut out songs and dances his audience will like, even if they are not always familiar to some. It always results in too many items (up to 50), even if some of you might want to stay until midnight. David tries to trim down to around 84 minutes and this show is a collection of those that got away. So look forward to this collection with no specific theme and some that are a bit longer such as nine minutes of Fred Astaire "that got away" in October and the clip that made way for Mamma Mia 2 last month.
Save the date for the last session of David’s presentations:
7.30pm Monday 28 January 2019
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His programs leave you with a smile and humming all the way home.
Members pre-paid NIS 25    Members at Door NIS 35    Non-Members NIS 45

My Secret Diary   Guest Lecturer Charles Golding   8.00pm Monday 24 December
We welcome Charles Golding who made Aliyah with his family last year and now lives in Netanya.
He is former deputy editor of the Sunday Express, Features Editor of The Sunday Mirror, Editor-in-Chief of America’s Boston Jewish Advocate, the UK’s Jewish News, Program Controller of LBC Radio, a broadcast journalist and a published author. He is currently a media consultant, training people in handling journalists and giving effective presentations.
His website is www.bowtie.co.uk
Charles will share with us anecdotes from his experiences with personalities in the media.
Members pre-paid NIS 40    Members at door NIS 50    Non-members NIS 60

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