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 Gil Hoffman   Guest Lecturer   " Peace, Politics and Plutonium "  8.00pm Sunday 12 August
Gil Hoffman was raised in Chicago, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern University's School of Journalism. He is the chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. Well-connected to Israeli and Palestinian leaders, he has interviewed every major figure across the Israeli political spectrum, has been interviewed by top media on six continents and is a regular analyst on CNN, Al-Jazeera and other news outlets. A reserve soldier in the IDF Spokesman's Unit, he has lectured in every major English-speaking country in the world, more than half the Canadian provinces, and recently made history in Hawaii by becoming the first speaker to have lectured about Israel in all 50 US states.
Gil provides a behind the scenes look at the intrigue and humor in the Israeli political arena
Full details of lecture to follow.

Sperm Bank Liability, The Right to One’s Genetic Identity and How Israel Stacks Up Against the World
Lecturer: Barbara Pfeffer Billauer 8.00pm Tuesday 28 August
In recent months, hundreds of women were notified their eggs were damaged by a California sperm bank, a Japanese man was granted custody of 13 children sired by surrogacy, and 26 embryos were implanted in wrong mothers in the Netherlands.
This is not the complete list of “reproductive” wrongs. Anonymous sperm donation– the practice in the US and Israel -- not only is the root cause of the worst of the problems, but generates children bereft of a genetic identity. Sadly, the current law has little to offer in terms of solution. Israel and Malta are in the process of drafting regulations – and those laws may be worse than the wild-and-woolly world of non-regulation. This talk will examine the most egregious sperm bank errors, discuss why they happen and why the law cannot – in its present form – adequately compensate, prevent or redress these problems.
Barbara Pfeffer Billauer B.S. (Hons.) J.D., M.A., Ph.D., is Research Professor of Scientific Evidence at the Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C., and has degrees in law, science and public health.
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