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The Conversion Crisis in Israel    Guest Lecturer: Rabbi Seth Farber, Ph.D.     8.00pm Thursday 4 May
Seth Farber is a Modern Orthodox Rabbi and historian. He is a graduate of New York University and was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University in 1991, received his Master’s in Judaic Studies from Yeshiva University in 1995, and a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2000.
Rabbi Dr. Seth Farber founded ITIM (The Right To Live Jewish) in 2002 to oppose the alienation that many Israelis feel at what are supposed to be the most significant moments of their lives as Jews: birth, marriage, divorce, burial, and conversion. The encounter with the religious establishment at these moments is often accompanied by fear, lack of knowledge, disgust, frustration, and anger.
To contribute to positive and significant encounters with Jewish life, ITIM helps people navigate the depths of the religious authorities’ bureaucracy in Israel, providing information, mediating, representing them, and working to simplify the process and solve complex problems.Over the years, they have helped tens of thousands of people, who have found a sympathetic ear and an outstretched helping hand.
We are delighted to welcome Rabbi Farber to address the issue of conversion.
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Effect of Journalism and Media on Politics in Israel
Guest Lecturer: Dan Bielski   8.00pm Monday 19 June
Dan Bielski was born in 1956 in Israel to Holocaust survivors. His parents fled Germany to Bolivia in 1940 and arrived in Israel in 1953.
He holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Tel Aviv University, and a PhD in Communication from the State University of Wisconsin.
Mr. Bielski is senior News Editor and the Director of the Newsroom at the Israeli National Radio. He also serves as an economic reporter for Israeli Radio. He was previously the Chief News Editor of the Israeli daily newspaper, Maariv. Mr. Bielski served for two years as a Jewish Agency emissary in the Midwest.
The modern world has brought us aggressive investigative journalism and instant media. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether journalists are reporting the news or making it.
Join us to hear Mr. Bielski tell us if and how journalism and the media affect the political agenda in Israel.
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