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Netanya AACI


Notable Jewish Women Lecture Series
Barbara Pfeffer Billauer
7.30pm Tuesday 5 & Sunday 24 December
Barbara Pfeffer Billauer holds degrees from Cornell University, New York University and Hofstra University School of Law, and has done advanced graduate work in Bioethics at Georgetown University and in Public Health at Johns Hopkins. She is currently completing a PhD in Law at Haifa University. As past president of the Metropolitan Women’s Bar of NYC and National Vice-President of the Conference of Women’s Bar Associations of the US, she has long been a champion of women’s rights and accomplishments.
The Life and Times of Dona Gracia HaNasi 1510–1569: A Life of Intrigue and Accomplishment
7.30pm Tuesday 5 December
Dona Gracia HaNasi was the richest woman of her time. She financed -- and fought with - Kings, Popes and Rabbis – and her nemesis, sister Reyna.
Gracia organized an escape route for escaping Maranos, financed Yeshivas and bible scholars and owned the leasehold to Tiberius, but her adventures were perilous. Benefiting from the works of some Jews, including the astronomical discoveries of Abraham Zacuto, she battled others, including Benvenida Abravanel, daughter-in-law of the famed Isaac Abravanel.
Come hear who won!
Early American Jewish Women Reformers: Their Mission and Legacy:
Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869)
Lillian Wald (1867-1940)
7.30pm Sunday 24 December
Philadelphia socialite Rebecca Gratz mingled almost exclusively with non-Jews, which only sensitized her to activities of proselytizing Christians. After organizing relief societies for women and children of all faiths, she created the model for today’s Jewish educational outreach.
She also influenced Christian authors- leaving perhaps an even more profound impact on Jewish life.
Elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, Lillian Wald was a pre-eminent member of early Jewish women social activists (circa 1893) and founder of the public health nursing service, becoming a role model for Henrietta Szold and many others.
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Individual lectures:
Members pre-paid NIS 30
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