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Netanya AACI


Annual Debate: This House Believes that Freedom Of Speech in Israel Is Currently Under Threat.
7.30pm Sunday 3rd December
Following the success of last year’s inaugural public debate, we are delighted to announce this year’s event which will take place at Netanya AACI.
Debate is an essential tool for maintaining democracy and an open society.
Through debate Netanya AACI aims to promote tolerance for divergent points in a forum where controversial issues will be examined
Proposing the motion:
Raymond Cannon, a retired UK lawyer specializing in EU and international business law.
Opposing the motion:
Dr. Norman Bailey, currently a senior researcher at the Centre for National Security Studies at Haifa University.
Both gentlemen are popular Netanya AACI speakers and this promises to be a most interesting and lively evening.
The new streamlined format will have no supporting speakers but will include a coffee break, enabling the audience to formulate their contributions before the final vote.
Dr Michael Bliss will chair the event.
Members pre-paid NIS 30   Members at door NIS 40   Non-members NIS 50
It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.
Joseph Joubert