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Netanya AACI


Election Program: Meet the Candidates
8.00pm Thursday 18 October
All English speakers of Netanya are invited to join us at Netanya AACI for a public meeting to meet the candidates (or their representatives) for Mayor and the parties standing for council at the upcoming municipal elections on Tuesday 30 October. Simon Monk will moderate the program and has the task of keeping our candidates in order.

Can You Please All of the People All of the Time?
Guest lecturer: Oded Revivi 8.00pm Sunday 4 November
Oded Revivi, Mayor of Efrat, is a statesman, orator, lawyer and
prominent advocate for the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. His stance on Israeli settlements is clear: They are here to stay and any future peace agreement will have to take that reality into account. He is also a staunch advocate for co-existence and fostering improved relationships with Efrat's neighboring Palestinian villages.
Under his leadership the city of Efrat has grown by leaps and bounds which has necessitated the building of new schools and kindergartens, community centers and synagogues. An outspoken critic of Israel’s security barrier, Oded was instrumental in having its route changed and has campaigned for its total removal, with the belief that Israel should be building bridges with its neighbors, not fences. In July 2016, Oded was appointed Chief Foreign Envoy of the YESHA Council, acting as the official political representative of the Israeli settlement movement to the international community. His role includes advocacy trips to the major seats of government worldwide as well as regular meetings with foreign diplomats and journalists based in Israel and abroad to explain the facts on the ground.
Members pre-paid NIS 40 Members at door NIS 50 Non-members NIS 60

Israeli Literary Workshop  Two Novels by Yochi Brandes:

Led by Michal Fram Cohen  4.00pm Sunday 18 November
Michal Fram Cohen holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Literature from Bar-Ilan University.
She currently works as a Hebrew translator/interpreter and has a special interest in early Hebrew writers. Michal was the recipient of a grant from the Center for the Study of Women in Judaism at Bar-Ilan University.
Israeli author Yochi (Yocheved) Brandes grew up in a Hassidic family. She has a BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Judaic Studies and has taught Bible and Judaism. Her writing is rooted in her upbringing and her education, but she created new and bold interpretations of well-known Biblical and Rabbinic narratives. Yochi published ten novels, of which two were translated into English: The Secret Book of Kings (Melachim Gimel, 2008) and The Orchard (Ha-Pardes shel Akiva, 2012). The first offers a counter-narrative of the biblical events depicted in the books of Samuel and Kings, from the establishment of the Kingdom of David to its splitting into the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel, from the perspective of the descendants of the House of Saul. The second offers a retelling of the life of Rabbi Akiva from the perspective of his wife Rachel.
Our workshop will compare each novel with its Biblical or Rabbinic origins, and will also compare the extent of deviation and subversion of the original narratives. Copies of the excerpts discussed will be provided.
Both books are available in our library.
Members pre-paid NIS 25 Members at door NIS 30