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Netanya AACI
Israeli Novels that Depict History of the Pioneers
Literary Workshop with Dr. Michal Fram Cohen
10.30am Wednesday 14 March
Michal Fram Cohen holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Literature from Bar-Ilan University. She currently works as a Hebrew translator/interpreter and has a special interest in early Hebrew writers. She was the recipient of a grant from the Center for the Study of Women in Judaism at Bar-Ilan University.
Her articles have been published in Hebrew Higher Education and The Independent Review.
The pioneers of the First and Second Aliyahs were fictionalized in romantic novels that depict their heroism and their victory over a hostile environment. Valley of Strength (Gai Oni) by Shulamit Lapid portrays the establishment of the village of Rosh Pina in 1882 by the First Aliyah pioneers. Frontiersmen of Israel (Anshei B'reshit) by Eliezer Smoli, follows the life of the Second Aliyah pioneer Alexander Zaïd (1886-1938), the founder of Hashomer defense organization.
There are the accounts of the pioneers in their own words. For example, Hannah Barnett Trager, whose parents were among the founders of Petach Tikvah, wrote the sketch Votes for Women about the debate on whether women could take part in the public affairs of the village. Ziporah Becker Zaïd, Alexander Zaïd's wife, wrote her account under the title With Hashomer in the Galilee. Rachel Katzenelson-Shazar of the Second Aliyah published the collection The Plough Women: Records of the Pioneer Women of Palestine. The workshop will include an analysis of excerpts from the two novels and a comparison with real-life accounts of similar aspects of the pioneers' life.
Copies of the reading materials will be provided. 

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