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Netanya AACI

Literary Workshop with Dr. Michal Fram Cohen

10.30am Monday 20 November

Michal Fram Cohen holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Literature from Bar-Ilan University. She currently works as a Hebrew translator/interpreter and has a special interest in early Hebrew writers. Michal was the recipient of a grant from the Center for the Study of Women in Judaism at Bar-Ilan University. Her articles were published in Hebrew Higher Education and The Independent Review. Before returning to Israel, Michal taught Hebrew at the University of Maryland and Georgetown University.

She will be presenting two novels:

Ahavat Zion by Avraham Mapu (Vilna, 1853),

and Ha-Avot Veha-Banim by Shalom Yaakov Abramovitz (Odessa, 1868). These novels represent opposite trends in the creation of Modern Hebrew Literature: Romanticism and Realism. Ahavat Zion [Love of Zion] takes place in the Kingdom of Judea in the time of the First Temple and portrays the struggle against the influence of Paganism.

Ha-Avot Veha-Banim [Fathers and Sons] takes place in a contemporary Russian Shtetl and portrays the generation gaps between traditional parents and their modern children.

Mapu and Abramovitz (known by his pen name Mendele Mokher Sefarim) used different methods in the revival of Hebrew in their novels.

The lecture will contrast the different literary ideologies of Mapu the Romanticist and Mendele the Realist, as reflected in the plot, the characterization, and the language of each novel. Excerpts in English from both novels will be provided ahead of the lecture.

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