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Netanya AACI


Trump, Le Pen, Wilders and the Others
Lecturer: Dr. Norman Bailey  8.00pm Wednesday 12 July
We welcome as new Netanya AACI members Norman and his wife Barbara who recently moved to Netanya. Norman is a graduate of Oberlin College and Columbia University and is the recipient of various honorary degrees, medals and awards. His national security and intelligence experience includes strategic intelligence and joint operational planning in the US army. He served on the staff of the National Security Council in the White House during the Reagan administration and held a senior staff position in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in the George W. Bush administration. He is considered one of the founders of the field of national security economics and is currently a senior researcher at the Center for National Security Studies at the University of Haifa.
Dr. Bailey will speaking about Contemporary Populism and how it differs from its predecessors.
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Reflections of an Israeli Arab   Program presented by StandWithUs
A talk by Yahya Mahamed and Richard Corman   7.30pm Wednesday 23 August
We welcome Yahya Mahamed who was born in Umm Al Fahm, an Arab city in northern Israel. Yahya had a typical Arab upbringing. He was indoctrinated from childhood to hate Jews and deny Israel's statehood. He began having regular interactions with “everyday” Israelis which challenged the negative views he had been encouraged to develop. Yahya recognized Israel's struggle for co-existence and desire for a peaceful future despite being surrounded by many strategic threats. After realizing that he had been intentionally misled, Yahya decided to do everything within his power to combat the negative stereotypes and demonization of Israel. Not long afterwards, he joined StandWithUs as an educator, sharing his experience and the truth about Israel to international groups.
Our program has been arranged by Richard Corman, Development Executive of StandWithUs, an international, non-profit organization, which believes that education is the road to peace. StandWithUs is dedicated to informing the public about Israel and to combating the extremism and anti-Semitism that often distorts the issues. Richard will tell us about StandWithUs.
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