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Netanya AACI


Notice Board

@ E-mail Changes
In order to simplify the work in the office, would you please let us know whenever you change your email address. We want to keep you informed by email of all our activities and would appreciate your help in doing so. If you are not yet receiving details of our activities by email, please let the office have your email address and we will be pleased to keep you up to date.

Quilting Exhibition   8.00pm Monday 4 December
We are having another Quilt Show at Netanya AACI!
There will be many types of quilts on display: traditional, modern, artistic but NOT FOR THE BED!
Come to the opening and speak to the quilters who will tell you about their work and answer your questions.   We look forward to seeing you.

Newcomers’ Tea with Chanukah Candle Lighting   4.00pm Tuesday 19 December
This past year, we welcomed many new members. They include newly-retired Anglos who headed to Netanya to realize their dream of living in Israel.
Many young families also find Netanya an attractive first stop because of its location. Vatikim move to Netanya to become part of our very active English-speaking community. We invite all our new members to join us for an afternoon of entertainment and information. It is a perfect opportunity to meet other Netanya AACI newcomers. This year our get-together falls on Chanukah and the light refreshments will include the traditional not-so-light Chanukah fare. We look forward to seeing you.   There is no charge for this program.
Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya (Netanya AACI)
Executive Officer Elections 2018
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Scots Jews: Identity, Belonging and the Future   Photographic exhibition
From Sunday 25 March
Judah Passow and Michael Mail have compiled an exhibition of fascinating photographs which has been on tour and we are delighted to present their exhibition.
There have been Jews in Scotland since at least the 17th century, coming initially in ones and twos to study at Scotland's famed universities and then in increasing numbers through the 19th and into the 20th centuries as persecution in Eastern Europe made Jewish life increasingly precarious.
While maintaining its particular traditions, the Jewish community prided itself in the way it quickly became immersed in Scottish society. The religious, educational and welfare institutions established were expressions of communal confidence - and confidence in Scotland. Jews had arrived in a land that uniquely for Europe had no history of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism.
The sons and daughters of the Scottish Jewish community have gone on to make significant contributions in their fields, producing scientists and doctors, judges and MPs, artists and writers - and farmers and foresters, kilt makers and whisky distillers!
It remains a small community, at its height never more than 16,000, yet big in spirit, with a breadth of activity that makes it seem many times larger. Jews came to Scotland seeking refuge - and found a home.

..because we choose to live in Israel

Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132 

Tel; 09 833 0950     FAX; 09 862 9183     email;  info@netanyaaaci.org.il 

Volunteer Opportunities
The following positions are available at Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI. All volunteers must be members of Netanya AACI. All positions are voluntary.
Technical Assistant
Help needed to set up overhead projector and sound system.
Time commitment: according to programs approximately two mornings and two evening a month.
Building Repair Coordinator
Help needed to oversee contractors such as plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning technicians etc. Hebrew essential.
Time commitment: Occasional as needed.
These positions are voluntary, if you would like to apply please contact Yael Rahum, our volunteer coordinator, on 09-8330950.