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Netanya AACI


Community Service

..because we choose to live in Israel

Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132 

Tel: 09 833 0950     FAX: 09 862 9183     email:  info@netanyaaaci.org.il 

Beit Oleh America, Netanya AACI in addition to looking after the needs of our own members, runs many programs that reach out to the whole community and over the years has made a much cherished and very valuable contribution to our society.
Many English speakers who have come to live in Netanya want to carry on the tradition of volunteering. There are over 30 English speaking volunteer organizations operating in Netanya! The different groups work closely together and a community diary (link)is managed through our offices. Our volunteers also help out in schools in the English Without Borders project (link) and Food Rescue project(link)
We also manage several scholarship funds that are awarded annually to students in higher education from all over the country.

Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI provides a great service to new olim and to all English speakers with a full range of cultural and social activities. Not all our members are able to enjoy our programs; some are housebound and often lonely. We have an Outreach Program that arrange visits to our housebound members. Some of these members have full time aid (Filipinos) but they might still appreciate the company of an English-speaking friendly visitor. To join our team of Outreach volunteers please contact our volunteer coordinator Annette Gordon 09-8330950.
If you would like to receive a home visit, please also contact Annette.