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 Tiyulim in Israel

We arrange monthly tours to local places of interest . Our local trips offer our members the opportunity to see Israel in detail and often include places well off the beaten track!!  These trips often fill up very quickly and it’s worth booking early to avoid disappointment. 

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All Tiyulim fees include a NIS 20 cancellation fee.   There is an additional fee of NIS 20 for non-members.   New tiyul pick-up arrangements for our members in Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon & Herzliya. For details please enquire at our Box Office.

..because we choose to live in Israel

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Israel Museum & Kotel Experience Night
Thursday 31 August
Netanya of Old
Netanya City Museum
& Walking Tour
Wednesday 6 September
Discover Ancient Roman Life in Bet She’an by Day & Night
Monday 2 October
Past, Present & Future
Three day Tiyul to the Southern Arava
Sunday 22 October to Tuesday 24 October
Wednesday 6 December
Depart: Young Israel 8.15am, Kikar 8.20am
Return: Approx. 5.00pm
Secrets, Spies & Video Tapes
The Israel Intelligence Center
New Date: Thursday 21 December
Depart: Young Israel 9.00am Kikar 9.10am Return: Approx. 4.30pm