Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI encourages Aliyah and we assist our members to be absorbed into Israeli society and participate in the life of the country.

We encourage all potential olim and new olim to meet with our AACI Aliyah Counselor Yanina Musnikow MSW .

Yanina has over 25 years’ experience working with olim and is up-to-date on the intricacies of the various rules and regulations connected to living in Israel.

She provides information on topics relating to all aspects of living in Israel.

Yanina Musnikow is available for consultations at Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI  on Sundays and most Thursday mornings by appointment.

To make an appointment to meet with Yanina pleaswe call 09 8330950 or send an email to

Yanina can also be consulted by email

On the National AACI website  there is valuable updated information for new immigrants on:  

Driving in Israel

Government Offices

Legal Directory

Accountants Directory

Status in Israel

Navigating Israel