Director’s message


Many of our members have chosen to fulfill their dream of aliyah and move to Israel. Netanya is a great place for English speakers to live and especially to retire to. Leaving behind a familiar world and moving to a new country, with a new language and customs can be a difficult adjustment.
Our center at Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI provides invaluable support, providing a social and cultural center making a real difference to the quality of life. We offer guidance and absorption services for new Olim, and professional counseling on all matters from Klita and immigrants’ rights through to job counseling, health funds, National Insurance, and coping with general life crisis situations. Translation and advice services are offered.
Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI in addition to looking after the needs of our own members, runs many programs that reach out to the whole community and over the years has made a much cherished and very valuable contribution to our society.
Looking forward to seeing you at our center.

Rachel Rubin Hirsch