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The Baigel Perspective – Art Exhibition by Philip Baigel

05/17 - 08:00

The Baigel Perspective

Philip Baigel

Until 31 May  

Philip has only recently discovered art. He was a dentist for 36 years and was quite expert at achieving aesthetic creations in the mouth, but real art was always something he would do when he retired. This he did in 2017 when he put down his dental tools and grabbed a paintbrush, attending classes in Sculpture and Art in London.

His work is a mix of both genres, so that most of his paintings have sculpted 3D elements.

He made Aliyah in 2021 with his wife, and best critic – Rochelle. They chose to settle in Netanya to be near his mother, Sadie, and his son and family.

Philiip continues his lessons at Netanya AACI with top-class teacher Ruth Lenk where he has found a style that is uniquely his own. He likes to call it Busy Art. All his paintings are colourful busy scenes with lots of activity, bright tones and wacky characters. They are all jolly images that bring back memories of busy, fun times past.


Future Art Exhibitions:

The Berkowitz Marcus Hall is available for exhibiting art works and photography.

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork in our hall or if you know of someone who would like to show his or her pictures, please contact  adam@netanyaaaci.org.il

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