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Art Exhibition: Surrounded By Our Nature by Pavla Parik

02/23 - 08:00

Surrounded By Our Nature

Pavla Parik

Begins  2 February

In this exhibition Pavla Parik presents several paintings from her series of landscapes from Israel’s nature parks that were recently exhibited at the En Afek gallery in En Afek Nature Park.

Originally, she did not plan to create a series of paintings, but the idea arose spontaneously in reaction to relaxing days spent with family while hiking, observing and photographing nature.  Pavla feels that it is quite urgent to preserve the beauty of our country where, as it grows with buildings, nature is being reduced and more garbage is being produced and littered. She is often surprised at the miracle of our landscape that is a gift of everything from greenery to desert, from songbirds to waterfalls and beautiful sea, and it always inspires her to paint.

Pavla completed a master’s degree in art and architecture. After several years of architectural practice, she fully concentrated on her artwork. She has focused on Israeli landscape, Judaica, semi-abstract paintings inspired by Israeli archaeology and portraits.

She has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions. Her paintings are in many private collections. “To me painting is a bridge between reality and my soul; it is a way to communicate without words. Emotions are an essential part of my creative work. Some of my paintings are realistic, some semi-abstract. The ability to balance between styles allows me to capture the essence of more subjects. Usually, I use acrylic paints on my large-scale paintings; occasionally I also use oil paints, especially when depicting atmospheric phenomena in landscape paintings.”


Future Art Exhibitions

The Berkowitz Marcus Hall is available for exhibiting art works and photography.

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