Members’ News

Netanya AACI is pleased to inaugurate a new page by our members for our members – an opportunity to share events and happenings important to your life. Especially, but not only, during this time of Coronovirus isolation, it is difficult to know everything going on in our community.  This page provides a linkage to our friends.  Please send your announcements to for posting. 

October 2020

Mazel Tov

  • Marilyn Cardash on the birth of two Great Grandsons (twins).
  • Debra and Shalom Hamou on the birth of a Granddaughter.
  • Edith Lotzof on the birth of a Granddaughter.
  • Rennie Swirski on the marriage of her Granddaughter.


  • Family of Freda Sacharen (September 2020)Family of Debby Chait (October 2020)

Refuah shleima

  • Jessel Sundy

New Olim

  • Jackie & Mike Jacobs