with Louis Hammer

10.30am Mondays 







The discipline of Qigong helps one find the awareness of the energy in and around ourselves. It is a system of movements and exercises combined with meditation, regulation of breathing and proper posture. Sickness often comes when there is a blockage of the energy in the body.

The goal of Qigong is to even out energy to help heal, give you added strength and build up your immune system to keep you healthy.

Our meetings introduce participants to the linkage between Qi and the many functions of the body. A few examples could be blood circulation, nervous system, respiratory system and our organs themselves.

Louis will introduce exercises that, while simple, are incredibly sophisticated.  You will learn about the integral relationship between posture and movement, emotion, mind state and the functioning of your internal organs.  These exercises will be a tool to increasing your health and wellbeing and will provide you with a boost of energy whenever you need it. In follow-up sessions, we shall learn breathing techniques to boost energy, simple methods of meditation and how to combine all previous knowledge.

Everything can be done at various levels of physical strength and the exercises can be done either standing or sitting.

Loose clothing and flat shoes (or bare feet) are best.

Members NIS 20