Netanya AACI is very proud of the wonderful team of volunteers who ensure the smooth running of all our programs and activities.  We invite you to join our team of volunteers. Volunteers must be members of Netanya AACI.

The following volunteer positions are currently available at Netanya AACI

Advertising Department –Administrative and Sales
Admin – Keep in contact with advertisers. Manage advertising finances, coordinate monthly adverts.

Time commitment: flexible or at least five hours a week.

Sales – Help needed to find new advertisers for our newsletter. Some Hebrew is essential.

Time commitment: Flexible or at least three hours weekly.

Building Repair Coordinator
Help needed to oversee contractors such as plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning technicians etc. Hebrew essential.
Time commitment: Occasional as needed

Help is needed in the various departments at our Netanya offices.
Must be familiar with computer.
Time commitment: Full morning once a week

Kitchen and Refreshments Help

Help needed purchasing and putting out refreshments.

Time commitment: According to programs

• Front Desk

Help needed to welcome visitors, answer the telephone and help with general enquiries.

Time commitment: One morning a week 8.00-13.00 and Sunday/Wednesday 13.00 – 15.00

• Newsletter Collation

Help needed to collate and staple the monthly newsletter. 

Time commitment: four hours once a month

• Technical Assistant and Zoom

Help needed to set up overhead projector and sound system for some of our programs. Also, help needed to be Zoom administrator for some progrrams.  Will train.

Time commitment: according to programs, approximately two mornings and/or two evenings a month.

• Committee Members

With our freshly renovated premises and a return from COVID we are looking for new membership involvement in the following committees:

Social Programming                           Tiyulim Planning                                       Lectures Planning

Publications                                          Klita Welcoming Team

Time commitment: variable

Volunteer Positions in the Community

Food Rescue Programs- Food sorters
Netanya AACI organizes monthly trips to the Logistic Center of Leket in Ra’anana. There, the volunteers sort fruit and vegetables donated by farmers. Once sorted, the produce is distributed to the needy. We do need drivers but, if you are not a driver, we can arrange a lift.

Time commitment: Two hours once a month.

  • Volunteer English Tutors

Join our team of volunteer tutors.  This is the perfect project to contribute to Israeli society even with a limited knowledge of Hebrew. The tutoring program offers an opportunity to help local children and youth feel confident in their use of the English language.

Time commitment: two hours once or twice a week- must be regular days.

Unique Sales
While collecting for our bazaars, we are occasionally given items that we would like to sell on the internet.
We are looking for a volunteer who is familiar with websites such as Yad2 and Israeli E-Bay style sites who could occasionally post messages and manage the sale of these items for us.

Time commitment: Occasionally, from home.


Join Netanya AACI’s team of visitors to our housebound members looking for companionship. Drivers as needed as well as those who do not walk. 
Time commitment: two hours once a week.

  • Dog Walkers

The dogs in the local pound welcome attention. No Hebrew needed.

Time commitment: Three hours, once a week.

Please note all volunteers must be members of Netanya AACI.
All positions are voluntary. All on-premises volunteers must show a Green Pass or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 hours.
If you would like to apply, please contact our volunteer coordinator Yael Rahum,
09-8330950 or send an email to info@netanyaaaci.org.il