Exercise Programs


Exercise Programs


Netanya AACI offers a number of exercise programs for men and women at all levels of fitness and experience.

Members and non-members welcome.

Consult the calendar for specific times for the following classes:


Zumba Gold at 10:00 Sundays and 09:30 Tuesdays

Pilates at 14:00 Sundays and 16:00 Wednesdays

Exercises for Women at 08:30 Thursdays

Body Movement Class Featuring Mentastics® at 09:30 2nd Monday in April, moving to 11:00 on Tuesdays starting May (once a month). Consult calendar for details of dates.

Please check the links for appropriate clothing and prices for the different programs.

Call the box office 09-833-0950 for more information about any of our programs.