Aliyah Official Requirements

Netanya AACI has volunteers that speak Hebrew and can help you navigate bureaucratic websites. Call the office for an appointment.

In general, banks operate as “franchises” in that they want you to conduct all your business at one branch. Therefore, it is generally best to find a branch near you.  Some (but not all) branches of all banks have English speakers and websites that you can navigate in English. Once you decide where you will live, it is best to go to one or more bank branches nearby and ask.  Fees do vary among banks as do the types of services they offer, so this may be important to determine also. However, the largest source of frustration is trying to communicate with the banks.

Community and Housing:

Each neighborhood in Netanya has a distinct character – do you want mostly Anglo neighbors? Do you want mostly retirees? Young families? Close to a shul? What type of shul? Sea views? Budget considerations?  It is best to visit several real estate agents and get their views of the neighborhoods they serve.  You could join the Facebook group “Secret Netanya” and the other Facebook groups that each community within Netanya has, and post your questions.

Netanya offers a very wide range of prices for housing.  All of the following have a bearing on what you will pay:  Location within Netanya; size of home (number of rooms); apartment or free-standing home; modern building or older; view; amenities (i.e., gym on the premises, security in the lobby, Shabbat elevator, etc.); cost of vaad bayit (think of this as the building maintenance fees (like a condo fee) payable by the occupant even if a renter; etc.  You can definitely find something to suit your budget, if you are willing to make choices in all of these other areas.