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Comments we have received about our tiyulim – Travelers’ Tales
June 2013
Hi Judith
This is a long-delayed “Thank you” for the Mount Carmel – Haifa tour.
Although brief, the tour covered past, present and, in some instances, future of the area – a wonderful mix of interesting places.
It was another great AACI-provided window into our fascinating Israel. Thank you very much for arranging the tour.
Please convey my thanks to Sharona for her usual informative input, and to Amir for his safe handling of the bus at all times.
Thank you again. I look forward to the next tour.
Brian Frankenstein

Dear Judith Just to say thankyou again for the packed day trip to Jerusalem. It was a full day trip and was excellent value for money. The experiences, were varied , the beautiful Mormon University building with stunning views of Jerusalem, the walk through the Muslim quarters and the history and tour of Hurva synagogue and finally a guided tour of the fantastic Herod exhibition at the Israel Museum. Look forward to many further tours with the AACI 
Lynette Ordman

Saanz Tiyul
March 2013
We have just come back from a wonderful special AACI tiyul of Saanz – such history there – about the famous Rabbi Halberstam (he lost his wife and 11 children in the Holocaust) who created Laniado and also the orphanage for girls,  we went to visit a lovely american couple who live in Saanz and lastly we went to the Matzo factory- that was the best – we have never seen anything like it – it was so interesting to watch these young men rolling out the matzo dough and then baking them in such a hot oven so very quickly – I’m not sure why, but I was chosen and given a piece of matzo and then we bought a kilo box for our Seder (not cheap).  

The photograph is of the matzo which I wrapped in tissue paper and then sealed it in a bag, hopefully it will keep fresh for Pesach – it was a broken piece which they cannot use.

The lady in chargof the orphanage showed us round – such a wonderful place, then they took us into a room which was specially laid up with drinks and biscuits and cakes and fruit – so nice – there was a booklet on each place, obviously they want donations and we will definitely give to them – an amazing place has been set up there and they give these children so much love and support – one of the girls has just got engaged and I wished her Mazal Tov.  They have incredible backing there, psychiatrists, social workers, criminologists, counsellors – these girls go to ordinary schools but otherwise they live there in beautiful rooms – all very well organised!
Matzo factory
The whole process from beginning to end – like mixing the flour and water together and kneading it, then passing a lump of dough to the young men kneading it a bit more, then passing it on to the young men rolling out each round matzo (and they use so much energy, cos the dough is very hard as you can imagine, not like when I make my dough which is soft cos other things have been added to it, this is just flour and water) then watching them chuck over the very thin round rolled out pieces which then get thinly rolled out once more before they are passed onto a pole and placed into the very hot open fire which burns with logs – that whole process takes precisely 18 minutes – they are in the oven for only 30 seconds – the guy who places them into the oven with the pole, then kinda unrolls them, about 4 or 5 pieces of dough go in at once, for 30 seconds and then he fishes them out with a kind of spade and drops them into a tray where a guy is standing there checking each piece before he stands them up on a rack ready to be packed – unbelievable to watch the whole process and when we sit down to the Seder and eat these (hopefully unbroken pieces) pieces of Matzo, I will appreciate them even more!!
Thanks to AACI for organising such a wonderful Tiyul and our little Hungarian guide was superb – not easy to control and look after such a big crowd of people!
Chag Sameach
Gene…………….and Alan Portnoi

Southern Hebron Hills Once again I thank you for organizing a very special tour to the Southern Hebron Hills yesterday.
I found it so interesting to once again after at least 25 years to see how Sussya itself has developed. And how wonderful it was to be able to be at the religious army base in the area, and to have met up with Rabbi Hager who is the head and mentor of the college. He is a special human being, 
And no less was our guide for the day, Hughie Auman whose enthusiastic verbal strength and knowledge of his subject imparted so much to us all.
Regardless of a minor hitch re toilets, I am sure we all benefited hugely from the outing 🙂
And it further helped – and always will amaze me – to keep realizing that our beloved country, seemingly just a spot on the map, is so huge in its depths, it widths and its assortment of wonderful people.
Your tours always contribute to this feeling.
Thank you so much,
June Levy. Baruch Ram.

Somewhat belatedly, we would like to thank you for the wonderful tour to the South Hebron Hills. on January 24th.  It was excellent!

We saw places that we never even knew existed, we learnt about many different things and so much information and sighseeing was packed into the day that we felt as if we had been away for a few days!.

The guide was probably one of the best that we have  ever had  over all the years that we have been coming to Israel, either as  tourists or now when we  live here.  He was full of fascinating stories ,  facts, humour and a one man information bureau! 

Thank you very much indeed for arranging this. It was memorable.

All good wishes

David and Anita Berke

Keshet Eilon music center trip Tuesday 31/7/2012 Thank you so much, Judith, for such a well organised trip to Keshet Eilon in the Western Galil. Everything went very smoothly and all we had to do was enjoy the superb music and the excitement of listening to the young gifted faculty of international players perform in the evening concert.
That came after the fascinating explanation of violin and bow manufacturing, a visit to the pottery, an interesting master class and most welcome supper. It was a busy and memorable day.
Susan & Bernard Olsburgh, Cecily & Neil Spungin
  At the end of July I visited for the first time Kibbutz Keshet Eilon. Some of the people on the tiyul had already been there a few times. We set off on our journey (some with picnics and quite a few were having the organized evening meal) at 12 noon. Our tour guide Judith was very helpful and knowledgeable, never tiring of our many questions. Hearing an interesting talk from a man who repairs and makes bows for violins (even a few Stradivarius owned by world famous violinists) was fascinating. 
The Gala Concert at the end of the evening was electrifying seeing and hearing (girls and young men; even a little girl of 12) musicians from all over the world. 
Although we did not arrive back until very late in the evening I cannot wait to join once again in another year to see and hear such wonderful music.
Gloria Scott
Tzefat and the Golan 29-30 April 2012 Dear Judith,
Gloria and I have only recently joined AACI and the two-day trip to the Tzefat and the Golan was our first trip with you. This is to say how much we enjoyed it. The arrangements, the programme, the superb guide, etc., etc. Many many thanks,
 (Rabbi Dr) Jeffrey and Gloria Cohen  
Jerusalem on November 29th Hi Judith, 
I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the trip to Jerusalem on November 29th…as usual, you were the perfect organizer…very kind
considerate, informative and patient  and dare I say….tolerant?
I only have one complaint, in my opinion, three ” ports of call ” are as much as anyone can really take in in depth…certainly for the elderly ( of
which I have become one!)  Please would it be a possibility to take this into consideration for the future?
 The exception has to be the one trip when we went to the “Sonnet e Lumiere”  which one can only go to at night, and was well worth getting home
about 1 am!  What a magical day that was with Hertzl’s museum in the afternoon and the show at the Citadel later…..the best tiul I have ever been
to in my life in Israel….and largely due to your input!
All the best
Ruth Klineberg Ferguson
Modern Jewish Revival in Ancient Philista (aka Ashdod and Environs) It is true that treks to Israel’s iconic tourist sites are central to an acquaintance with Israel.  I have found that the tiyulim with the AACI are a wonderful way to enter into a more intimate relationship with our beautiful country, its unique history and its people.    
Through visits to “off the track” places, the traveler learns about the boundless energy and creativity of our people. A trip with the AACI is a way to literally feel the pulse of this dynamic country.
The recent visit to the South with guide Hughie Aumann was a totally fascinating look into the history of Bnei Darom, its “boutique” olive oil industry, its Sefer Torah miraculously received from Lebanon.
In addition, a visit to neighboring kibbutz Nir Galim museum (Beit Edut ) Testimony House was an experience to learn about the survivors of the Shoah in a way that it is diffent from, but complementary to a visit to Yad Vashem.
And that was just before lunch!I recommend these highly organized tiyulim.
Judith Fineberg  

After lunch we drove through Ashdod to a small but fascinating Philistine Museum where Hughie showed us hints of customs which we Jews later adopted.  
After a stop at Jonah’s Hill and a view of the port area we arrived at Ashdod Port, a huge and bustling place.  
We returned home after 7pm tired but excited by the wonderful day we had experienced.  
Wendy and Jeff Starrfield  

Two-day Tiyul to the Golan Take a superb guide, efficient and considerate organization, add an easily digestible mixture of history, geography, topography, geology, archeology and ecology. 
Mix into an intelligent, appreciative and friendly social atmosphere, comfortable accommodation and excellent food and top off with natural superfruit cosmetics and delicious chocolate. 
Together with delightful weather, this was a confection which made a very enjoyable and stimulating tiyul to a unique part of our land. 
Thank you AACI, we look forward to more.
Gerald Sackstein

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